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Learn about my simple protest and how calendar reform can help bring peace

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Support the 7 Pillars of Culture for All Mankind...

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Use this form if you have an interest in collecting works of art of a high aesthetic quality, regardless whether that interest is serious and longstanding or whether you've only recently come to toy with it and you aren't even sure if it's an interest you can afford.

Do not use this form if you are still satisfied with the artwork you bought from Ikea.

By clicking the button marked "Submit" you affirm that you are not entirely incapable of listening, that you in fact have made conscious efforts to become a better listener, and that you are ready to support art that helps teach others how to listen and how to accept.

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I, Michal Slaby, pledge not to provide your email to a third party who in my judgment is not somebody I can trust. I don't trust people who seem to have absolutely no idea how to listen. I try to engage such people in constructive ways but that can get very tiring very quickly. If you're the kind of private person who doesn't have the time or the energy to do something like that, I sympathize. Abuse will wear everyone's patience a little too thin. I wish you many happy and peaceful days.

If you want to ask a question about anything other than a product featured on this site, please use this email address.